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I've been looking for a used Cowell 90CW lathe for a while. Used because a new one is a little too expensive and this machine because it should be able to do all that I ever need when building watches and wristwatches.

Actually, I would like a Schaublin 70. Unfortunately, it's self-used as quite expensive and the same applies to the accessories.

That's why I looked for alternatives and then fell over https://watchmaking.weebly.com/cowells-90cw.https://www.everwebapp.comhtml His thorough description made it clear that it was the machine I should have.

These 90CW machines are not as often for sale as used, and a brand new was a little too expensive for my budget. "Search and you Will find," Matthew said a long time ago. And I searched in north, south, east and west.

It was so in the south that I had to find my Cowell's 90CW. Precisely in Portugal Lisbon. The machine is good enough from November 2006, but as far as I know completely as a CW is today. This machine is used, but probably the closest to a new man can possibly come


Looking for a Cowells 90CW


Still working on the workshop!


Got my Lathe...

Right now, I'm working on getting my workshop ready. Therefore, the production of video has not started yet. While you wait, take a look at "The Watchmaker's Apprentice". A really good movie that I can definitely recommend.

You can buy the movie at Amazon.co.uk via the link on the right.

Or you can read more about the film on the official website via. the link here :